Here is a list of our artists.

You’ll find a wide variety of artistic styles and subject matter among our artists

Please click on (Image) behind the artist’s name to see an example of their work.

2023 – 2024 Membership

Adam Paul Heller (Image)

Babs Perkins

Bevan Ramsay

Catharine Moore (Image)

Chris Keyes

Edward Colt

Fay O’Meara (Image)

Harvey Kimmelman (Image)

Janet Marks

Jean Grasmere (Image)

Jon Riedeman

Karen Linden (Image)

Kinuko Craft

Laura Lasker (Image)

Lilly Woodworth (Image)

Madeline Falk

Mahlon Craft

Michaela Murphy

Nina Ritson

Peter Coffeen (Image)

Ronald Sloan (In Memoriam) (Image)

Ruthann Olsson (Image)

Sam Guindon

Sean Sweeney (Image)

Stacey Dillard (Image)

Susan Rood (Image)

Susannah Anderson

Tom Hlas (Image)

Turi Rostad (Image)

Wayne Jenkins